Re: [xml] John Fleck

On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 13:45, Leet, Ethan C wrote:
      I have tried to build John Fleck's xslt example.
      It builds, yet it does not run.
      I get access violation errors.
      I copied straight form the web to start my self running, yet it does not work.
      Are there any xslt examples that work ?
      I am using
      libxml 2.5.10
      iconv 1.8
      libxslt 1.0.32
      I tried to update to new code, yet I get ordinal errors when running.
      I have also tried to contact Igor Zlatkovic to ask about the zlib library.
      Everything builds fine for me, yet I get ordinal errors when I run.
      I don't understand the old versions of libxml work fine.

      I can't get xslt to work :-(
      The mailing list is of now help as well as the bug list.

Sorry it's not working for you. The only thing I can think of is that
there's something wrong with your installation, since a fresh build of
it, cut and pasted as you did straight off of the web, works fine for

Can you provide more information about your build and the platform
you're using it on? Does the xsltproc command line utility work (the
tutorial example is based on xsltproc - the code is essentially


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