Re: [xml] string interning in recent libxml2 releases?

Hi Chris,

  The keyword you are looking for is "dictionary".  I'm afraid there
isn't much in the way of formal documentation yet available ("we
take patches"), but you might start with

  Other than that, take a look at dict.c to see what is available.



Chris Ryland said:

I can't find anything in the most recent tree API docs about it
scan--perhaps I missed, but I don't know what search terms to use),
I thought I saw somewhere that late releases have some kind of
interning for element/attribute names. Is that true, and, if so, can
one share the interning so we can compare string pointers instead of
comparing strings, when walking the doc tree?

Any hope? ;-)

Thanks & cheers!
--Chris Ryland / Em Software, Inc. /

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