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Subject: [xml] xmlParsefile on windows

I am using libxml2 so that the same code can be compiled  both on linux
windows platform. Fortunately runs great on linux, but on windows platform
when the program runs I get a memory exception (segfault) at xmlParseFile.
On linux path name used in xmlParseFile is  "/var/books.xml" but on
I used "D:\books.xml" Running on windows throws out Null memory handling

I picked up the windows binaries from zlatovic (libxml version 2.6.7) and
linked my code to this dll.

I parse my XML file with a command like this and it works OK:

 xmlDocPtr m_xml;
 m_xml = xmlParseFile((const char*)"D:\\books.xml");

You must escape the \ as \\ at least.

The source package contains a Readme.txt in the win32 direrctory.
It contains instructions on how to compile.


Kaarle Kaila
email: kaarle dot kaila at iki dot fi

I have few questions:
1. When I use as xmlParseFile("D:\books.xml") to parse the file, I get a
memroy exception(segfault). I am unable to debug as this binary is not
version. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.
2. Please help me in finding some pointers to create a debug version of
libxml dll from the sources

Please help

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