Re: hwo about using stylesheet? Re: [xml] schema parsing

I am not familar with the xslt concept. But when I was reading a XMLSPY
tutorial ,
it mentioned that the HTML file is only used for viewing, it doesn't support
data exchange with XML file.
creating combobox would be easy, but the question is, how do i exchange the
XML content with the HTML, do i need some engines or is there any engine to
do that ?

thank you!
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On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 17:32, Chris sun wrote:
This may sound off topic from this list, but can I enable datainput in
the HTML produced from stylesheet/xml?
so that schema type content search wouldn't be neccessary.

The general answer to such questions is that if you can do it in
HTML, then you can do it in XSLT. In your case, you can create a
combobox (the SELECT element) in your HTML that contains the three
enumerations you mentioned.

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