RE: [xml] Need help extracting parts of XML doc while parsing


Thanx for your speedy response.  I do have an unpleasant (but workable) alternative by extracting it out 
right off the socket when I receive SOAP messages.  I was hoping for a more elegant solution.  

Anyway, I would to like see someone write the two APIs you noted below.  I would attempt it, but time is not 
on my side - main reason for my inquiry.  I do applaud all those on this list who have contributed.  You are 
helping to make my life easier.



M. Jones

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On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 16:14, Jones, Mark A (Mark) wrote:

Below is a snippet of some of code I am writing to parse a SOAP/XML
document.  I currently ignore unknown elements (those I don't care about)
and their respective XML subtrees.  Instead of ignoring these unknown
elements' subtrees,  I would like to store each one in a C++ string or C
character array.  Is there a way to do this?  I'm envisioning an API like:

You are looking for xmlReaderReadInnerXml() or xmlReaderReadOuterXml().

These two functions were not implemented last time I looked. They are,
however, a good exercise for a volunteer.

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