[xml] Question about xml2 and xml2 devel

Hi, I'm a new user of Linux. I have some questions about the installation of xml2. I'm using Mandrake 9.1 ( Is there a difference between Red Hat and mandrake ? ) When I installed "libxml2-2.5.4-1mdk.src.rpm" I saw a progress dialog but there was no confirmation at the end. How can I know that xml2 was correctly install? And how can I know witch version of xml I'm using?
When I installed "libxml2-devel-2.5.4-1.i386.rpm" I received a message : "The fellowing packages have non-valide signature. Do you wish to continue?" I said "yes" and I saw a progress dialog so I think that the installation is correct. How can I know that all is correct ?
Thank you for your help. ( I'm totaly lost )
Please reply at : Steeve H gsig-net qc ca

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