[xml] Libxml2 on IPSO (FreeBSD 2.2.6 derivative)?

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As a newcomer to this list I have a basic question to ask.  I have been given the unfortunate task of trying to get the libxml2 and libxslt libraries to compile and link for Nokia's IPSO operating system, which is an offshoot of FreeBSD 2.2.6.  Also, I am cross-compiling (I'm running on a FreeBSD 4.6 system), so I need to be able to override the default gcc compiler, paths, options (like using aout instead of elf object files), etc...   Does anyone who has successfully compiled the libraries for FreeBSD have any recommendations/pointers?  Basically, how do you tell the configure script how to NOT use gcc, override the object format, etc... ?  I've tried various things so far, but to no avail.  Thanks so much for any and all advice.
~David Zobel

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