RE: [xml] cannot open include file . xmlwin32version.h

I got new version(2.6) &  compiled it with VC7. However, it displayed
many error messages.

../include/libxml/xmlversion.h(127) : error C2018: The character '0x40' cannot be recognized. 

I had the same problem, caused by a little bug in the configure.js, that
put a define name in the xmlversion.h instead of a value (xmlWriter
interface), was fixed in CVS earlier today

../include/libxml/encoding.h(27) : fatal error C1083: cannot open include file. 'iconv.h' :No such file or 

You have iconv support enabled, but you don't have the inconv sources.
you should either disable it and get the sources and add the "include"
dir of it to your project file

It is more desirable to offer a project file (.proj or.sln) individually.

the files have been removed in the 2.6.0 release, because nobody felt
like maintaining them and the "configure.js" script rendered them quite

try to run "cscript configure.js compiler=msvc iconv=no" and "nmake"
after that in the win32 subfolder of the 2.6.0 distribution.

I am just using MSVC 6. does the libxml2 even compile successfully with
MSVC .NET 2002/2003?

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