RE: [xml] cannot open include file . xmlwin32version.h

>> I got new version(2.6) &  compiled it with VC7. However, it 
>> many error messages.
>> ../include/libxml/xmlversion.h(127) : error C2018: The character 
>> '0x40' cannot be recognized.
>I had the same problem, caused by a little bug in the 
>configure.js, that put a define name in the xmlversion.h 
>instead of a value (xmlWriter interface), was fixed in CVS 
>earlier today
Although I got 'cvs-snapshot.tar.gz' and compiled it, the same error
message was displayed. 
Had I downloaded a diverse file? 
>> ../include/libxml/encoding.h(27) : fatal error C1083: cannot open 
>> include file. 'iconv.h' :No such file or directory.
>the files have been removed in the 2.6.0 release, because 
>nobody felt like maintaining them and the "configure.js" 
>script rendered them quite obsolete.
>try to run "cscript configure.js compiler=msvc iconv=no" and 
>"nmake" after that in the win32 subfolder of the 2.6.0 distribution.
>I am just using MSVC 6. does the libxml2 even compile 
>successfully with MSVC .NET 2002/2003?
Also including the command line option of 'cl.exe', 
since I am compatibility with a higher rank, I expect that it can

Thak you so much for your help.

by h.Shibuya

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