RE: [xml] cannot open include file . xmlwin32version.h

>Shibuya wrote:
>> Although I compiled the sauce of libxml, the error message 
>"can't open 
>> include file. ../../include/libxml/xmlwin32version.h" comes 
>out of me.
>You compiled a sauce of libxml, now that's nice. The 
>application in the 
>kitchen is surely new to all of us. Can we have a recipe? 
>Goes with fish, 
>meat or vegetables?
>If your body produces error messages of the sort, it is 
>strange, I have 
>never seen the like of it before. I know few things about 
>  error messages, but those coming out of you are are perhaps 
>in the health 
>domain, no?
>:-)  Sorry. I should keep silent sometimes... :-) :-)
 I got new version(2.6) &  compiled it with VC7. However, it displayed
many error

../include/libxml/xmlversion.h(127) : error C2018: The character '0x40'
cannot be recognized. 
                          The Unicode discernment child is not
                      (Since this translated into English, display
purport of a letter is not the same.)
../include/libxml/encoding.h(27) : fatal error C1083: cannot open
include file. 'iconv.h' :No such file or directory.


It is more desirable to offer a project file (.proj or.sln)

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