Re: [xml] Call to libxml developers

Hi Mikhael,

I've had similar code for the last couple of months, and it's just
incredibly useful.  I've been meaning to polish it and package it for
public consumption, but I haven't had the time.  Since it seems you've
already managed to package up something release-worthy, there's no need
for me to duplicate the effort.

As I have time, I'll hack useful features in and fix any bugs that might
be annoying me.  I can't really commit myself to the project, since I'm
already pretty busy with GNOME stuff.  But you can anticipate a couple
of evening code-binges worth of patches from me.

Thanks for you work.  This sort of thing is desperately needed.


On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 00:02, Mikhail Grushinskiy wrote:
Hello gentlemen,
Thank you for great work on libxml2/libxslt! Really good job!
I'm using libxml2/libxslt for quite a while now and it is very
impressive library.
I'm hosting my little open source pet project on SourceForge.
It is a general purpose command-line XML utility for
searching/editing/validating XML documents.
It is based on libxml2/libxslt and written in C. Here is a link
So far I'm writting it on my free time, so this project needs help :).
I thought I might look for somebody on this list with libxml
who might like the idea and would be interested to help working on
something like this.
Here is a link to some documentation which gives more details what
this project is about There are also many
other features 
which would be nice to have in it (ex: XML diff, XML patch, etc)
Your help is very much welcome! Let me know if you are interested to
Any other comments are welcome too :).
--Mikhail Grushinskiy
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