[xml] Call to libxml developers

Hello gentlemen,
Thank you for great work on libxml2/libxslt! Really good job!
I'm using libxml2/libxslt for quite a while now and it is very impressive library.
I'm hosting my little open source pet project on SourceForge.
It is a general purpose command-line XML utility for searching/editing/validating XML documents.
It is based on libxml2/libxslt and written in C. Here is a link http://xmlstar.sourceforge.net/
So far I'm writting it on my free time, so this project needs help :).
I thought I might look for somebody on this list with libxml expertise,
who might like the idea and would be interested to help working on something like this.
Here is a link to some documentation which gives more details what this project is about
http://xmlstar.sourceforge.net/doc/xmlstarlet.pdf There are also many other features
which would be nice to have in it (ex: XML diff, XML patch, etc)
Your help is very much welcome! Let me know if you are interested to join...
Any other comments are welcome too :).
--Mikhail Grushinskiy
XmlStarlet Command-Line XML Toolkit

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