[xml] Windows Build Minorities

Hi there,

I have posted about changing the names of the output directories in Windows build so that builds with different compilers don't interferre with each other. Not a soul complained, so I did it now.

I added an option 'cruntime' to the configure.js script. Should someone wish to use a different runtime, she can specify the corresponding compiler option with this. The default is /MD. The possibilities are /MD, /MDd, /MT, /MTd, /ML and /MLd. This option only has effect when using MS compiler. The precompiled binaries will continue to use /MD no matter what. :-)

I also added the forgotten xmlwriter.c to the build. The new binary which supports this is online and carries the version number '2.6.2+'. This one was built from today's CVS, so whatever has been commited since the 2.6.2 release is also in there.


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