[xml] windows: line separators on output


I'm having problems with the line separators in output files
on windows. Before 2.6.x, a template like this

<xsl:output method="text"/>

<xsl:template match="/">

did produce 0xD 0xA as line separators 
(on output only -- in memory, line separators
were and still are correctly normalized as 0xA).

I think it's due to xmlIO.c now opening files with "wb".

Now, in most case it does not really matter, but I have
at least one situation where I generate code for some
(weird/old/boring) programming language that insists to have
0xD 0xA as line separators.

This only matters for the "text" output method of course. 

I'm not sure this can be considered as a libxml bug.
Respecting the platform's convention would be nice, but...
What do you think?

BTW, as a workaround, I suppose I can put &#13;&#10; in
my source files where it matters?


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