[xml] Assorted regressions in libxml2 2.5.11


With 2.5.11, running regression tests I run into some problems.

This first one fails on both Solaris 8/Sparc and Red Hat 7.3/Intel:

Testing length3_0_0
< compilation error
> compilation error: file ./test/schemas/length3_0.xsd line 5 element xs:element
 **** Not expected.  Unknown.
Testing po1_0_0
< ./test/schemas/po1_0.xml fails to validate
> compilation error: file ./test/schemas/po1_0.xsd line 20 element xsd:element
> compilation error: file ./test/schemas/po1_0.xsd line 48 element xsd:element
> compilation error: file ./test/schemas/po1_0.xsd line 19 element xsd:element
> compilation error: file ./test/schemas/po1_0.xsd line 51 element xsd:attribute
< Element purchaseOrder content check failed

This appears to be a lack in the tar ball:

Testing docbook_0
> ./test/relaxng/docbook_0.xml:16: warning: failed to load external entity "test/dtd/4.1.2/docbookx.dtd"
> ]>
>   ^
> ./test/relaxng/docbook_0.xml:1864: error: Entity 'copy' not defined
> <sgmltag>&amp;copy;</sgmltag> &mdash; copyright sign (&copy;) > ^

This test passes on redhat 7.3, but it has docbookx.dtd installed otherwhere on the machine. docbookx.dtd is not in the tar ball. When I install the dtd in test/dtd/4.1.2 the test passes:

# /cluster/uapp/Libxml-2.5.11/bin/xmllint --noout --relaxng \
  test/relaxng/tutorA.rng test/relaxng/docbook.rng
test/relaxng/docbook.rng validates

I have to guess that the docbook zip file should be installed in test/dtd/4.1.2 fot the tests to work.

Under Relax-NG streaming regression tests docbook_0 fails similarly, but passes when dtd is in place.

I assume that the up to 10 line diffs further down in the streaming trests are within the scope of "Some error messages are different than non-streaming and generate small diffs".

All in all if the INSTALL document mentions the issue with installing ther docbook dtd, or if it is bundled in the tar ball this would be OK.

  Nicolai Langfeldt

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