[xml] xmlwriter interface


I have some patches for the xmlwriter.

In the attached archive you will find the following files:
xmlwriter_20031120.patch        patch against xmlwriter.c and xmlwriter.h
testXmlwriter.c                 sample file for using the xmlwriter
testXmlwriter[1-4].c            sample output files from testXmlwriter.c

What I did:
- fixed a bug in xmlTextWriterWriteComment
- fixed a bug in xmlTextWriterEndDocument
- fixed some of the comments
- added some missing comments
- added some new functions for creating document trees:

Theese things work for me and I did some testing (with testXmlwriter),
but I guess, there are still a lot of bugs in there...

One of them is visible: the encoding in the first two files is written
in upper case letters opposed to the lower case letters in the input.
I will fix it later.

Servus -- Alfred

Attachment: xmlwriter-patch.zip
Description: xmlwriter-patch.zip

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