[xml] mixed parsing using libxml


I am working on marking up chemical information for the quantum
chemistry community in the UK. Often the resulting xml files will be
large and I am worried that some of the xml readers that I have
developed (using DOM) may become very slow. In some cases, the memory
overheads could also be problematic. I could change to SAX, but the code
would be more difficult to write (because of relationships between data
in different parts of the xml document).

It seems to me that one solution would be to use a mixture of SAX and
DOM. Is it straight forward to use SAX to extract part of the XML
document that I am interested in, and then build a DOM from this? And if
so, do you have any pointers to reference material?

Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions that you may have!

Very best wishes,

-- Phil Couch.

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