Re: [xml] built libxml and libxslt, possible bugs

William M. Brack said:
You did not specify what you had done on the configuration of
libxslt, but the fact that you got the warnings means ***the
compilation of the libxslt library was not getting the include
from the preceding setup of the libxml2 library***.

After some off-list correspondence with the reporter of this
problem, it turns out that my analysis was quite incorrect.  All of
my work on cleaning up compilation warnings has been done using
gcc-3.2.3 (x86), and (as I previously stated) with that compiler the
current CVS is "warning-free" for the compilation flag "-Wall".

Unfortunately (severe red face from embarassment...) more recent
versions of the compiler (gcc-3.3.1 and above) still show a
substantial number of warning messages.  None of these seem to be
any real problem, but I will now go back to work and try to clean
them up as well!

My apologies to the reporter (Tobias Reif) and to the list!


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