[xml] Configure.in and Makefile.am changes


I've testet configure.in changes i made before, fixed them and now 
everything works! :) i generated makefile.in, then configure script, then 
run "configure --with-threads=native" and everything was set perfectly 
fine :)

I had to change Makefile.in so it uses M_LIBS configure variable, and 
doesn't set -lm hardcoded.

Please tell me what You thinkabout those changes, if something's not the 
way it should be just tell me what is "proper way" and i'll try to change 
it. It would be really really great to have libxml2 working out-of-the-box 
on BeOS (and other platforms, when they add their own threads support :)

Diffs were made to 2.6.2 version, if something changed in meantime, let me 
know - i can make diff to cvs (gnome.cvs login as anonymous).


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