Re: [xml] xmlParseChunk...

I can not wait until the complete document got transferred... i 
already have to receive startElement() already if there are only a 
few bytes already transmitted. In google i read something that it 
parses only if there are minimum 80 bytes in waiting. Not good for me 
because it MUST try to parse each time data is received and 
xmlParseChunk() is called.
How do i do this?

 Well currently you can't. Maybe an xmlParseFlush() should be added.
but you must understand that the fact that you read 80 bytes from
a socket does not mean that the sender pushed 80 bytes, and that
there is no garantee that the parser will be able to process it fully.

well, yes, it makes sense because my xml stream "document" is created 
"on the flow" while my client interacts with the server. each time my 
client receives data it must analyse them because there might be a 
command to send data to the server. this follows the XMPP standarts 
described at and current IETF drafts and are already standart stream handling 
for years in the jabber community.

If libxml2 does not support parsing on the "stream-flow" it can not 
be used for such thing and this would be a pity! (i like it a lot)

best regards...

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