Re: [xml] Bug Issue?

On Fri, May 16, 2003 at 10:54:20AM -0500, Stefan Willmert wrote:
I've noticed similar issues, such as a pocket pc browser requiring <br> or
<br></br> but not <br/>. If the xml/xslt processor is replacing empty tags
with singularly closed tags, i would call this a bug.

  No, from the XML specifications, XML Infoset, and XPath data model,
<br></br> and <br/> are *stricly equivalent*. The only specification
where there is some kind of discussion about this is the XHTML1 specification
it's a non-normative appendix, and based only on the support of XHTML1
for older SGML-HTML based browsers. It is definitely not a bug.
  If you have troubles with <br></br> vs. <br/> then that mean that
it's an XHTML1 processing chain and one of the software layer is simply
not XML conformant. Make sure you use the appropriate XHTML1 doctype
in your document and recent libxml2 versions will serialize the XML
with the baroque recipes required to try to avoid breaking those non-XML
tools when fed with XML.


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