Re: [xml] xmlwriter

  I had a very quick look at the .c file. Main reproach is stylistic
using // comments and not commenting the functions individually. If you
don't comment them when writing them how do you express to an user what
they are supposed to do ?
Ohh, don't worry, I do know the merits of well documented code ^-^ I'm 
throwing things around still so much it's tedious to have to write and 
rescrap all your neatly written comments tho ;) I'll add them in a bit :)
(as many a programmer said and never did, ahwell ^.^)

It's the very beginning , but I see nothing
obviously wrong with the code itself
well, that's hopefull ^.^
it is indeed young :) I'm using the tree and xmlreader from libxml as guides,
and some other xmlwriters that have the same base idea :)

finding in some areas i lack quite some knowledge on xml tho, like how to 
Decide where and when those xmlns thingies have to appear, think I'll need
a list or stack or soemthing for that too :)

thanks for the quick peek :)

        Jeroen C


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