RE: [xml] [PATCH] Patch for https(ssl) support

  Any chance you can synchronize with Aleksey and Igor and provide an
unified patch ?

Well I'm not really sure what they're looking for.  Personally my needs
are completely fulfilled using wininet functions and it works very well
for me.  It also keeps the size of my distribution small (but, of
course, adds a library dependency) which is very critical in my

Anyways, for reference here's the implementation of http/https support
using wininet as libxml2 i/o callbacks.  A couple of notes:

1.  You can specifiy the browser agent on the call to InternetOpen.
Here I mimic IE on XP but you could specify anything.

2.  InternetErrorDlg requires a window handle.  "GSSBROWSER" is the name
of my application's main window and should be changed to meet your
needs, or GetDesktopWindow() if you don't have a window (such as
xsltproc, etc).

Other than that I have been using this for a very long time and it works
perfectly for me.  Enjoy!


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