RE: [xml] Installation question

I apologize if it frustrated you to field a newbie question.  It is obvious that
I am not as knowledgeable about your software's dependencies or the inner
workings of rpm and other Redhat software.  The error message didn't give me
enough clue as to why installing 2.5.8-1 would fail due to a supposed dependency
problem between libxml2-2.5.4 and libxml2-python-2.5.4 package, when both of
those packages are currently installed.  I got as far as I could before I
decided to ask for further help.

Perhaps it would help others to have instructions on using rpm posted on and included in INSTALL.  Just two lines

rpm -U libxml2-xxx.rpm libxml2-devel-xxx.rpm libxml2-python-xxx.rpm
rpm -U libxslt-xxx.rpm libxslt-devel-xxx.rpm libxslt-python-xxx.rpm

would have helped less experienced people like me hit the ground running.

Thanks for your help and for a your extremely useful open source software.


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On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 08:06:22AM -0400, Jeff Chen wrote:
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the quick response.  I tried your suggestion and hit
another snag.
One step forward, two steps back...

  And apparently no time or no desire to think between the steps :-(
  Honnestly, did you try to analyze the error message ? It is quite
obvious that your current installed libxml2-python depends on the version
of the currently installed libxml2 package and that libxml2-python need to
be updated too at the same time !


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