Re: [xml] Character Sets supported

Hi Daniel,

I assume you only run with iconv for some years. Reading
your response I made a quick tests with input files
in encodings 8859-1, 8859-2, 8859-15 and 8859-16 (attached),
without iconv (in fact, other than in an early test, I always run
without iconv).

The tests and their results:
xmllint --DEBUG 8859-1.xml
Works as expected.

xmllint --DEBUG 8859-2.xml
Gives no warnings or errors but all the strings
in the tree are in ISO-8859-2 instead of UTF-8.
Calls for big trouble.

xmllint --DEBUG 8859-15.xml
Rejected, unknown encoding.

xmllint --DEBUG 8859-16.xml
Rejected, unknown encoding.

Daniel what to do with iconv-less execution?

- Forbid it, make hard dependancy on iconv

- Restrict to UTF-8 (and perhaps ISO-8859-1)

- Correct behaviour

I assume nobody still relies on the legacy behaviour
of storing non UTF-8 in the tree? Hello, anybody out
there? HELLO? H-E-L-L-O ?? 

O.K. we can delete this.

If you want to have a more complete functionality without 
iconv, I can contribute character encoding handlers for

Peter Jacobi

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