[xml] Re: Release of libxml2-2.5.8

Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> writes:

Interesting.  Starting with 2.5.8 I wanted to pay attention to the test
suite.  Yes, there are many a lot warnings (some are announced as to be
expected) and especially with python I encountered several "Memory leak"

  make sure your Python path loads the right shared libraries.

Okay, I'll try to trace this.

But what's up with these messages:

## Catalog regression tests
Testing docbook
Testing registry
Testing catal
Add and del operations on XML Catalogs
## Regexp regression tests
Testing content
< Regexp: ((a|b|c)def)
< adef: Ok
< bdef: Ok
< adefg: Fail
< aaef: Fail
< Regexp: ((a|b|c|d|e|f)?(g|h|i)+(k|l)*)
< g: Ok
< gi: Ok
< fil: Ok
< gikl: Ok
< cghhhiill: Ok
< ak: Fail
Testing hard
< Regexp: ((a|b|\p{Nd}){1,2}|aaa|bbbb){1,2}
< bab: Ok
< aaca: Fail
< aaabbbb: Ok
< a0b: Ok
< aa0aaa: Fail
< b0aaa: Ok

etc.  Or these:

## Automata regression tests
Testing a
< => Passed
< => Failed
< => Failed
< => Failed


  Because for this kind of problem comparing error string may not match 
but the behaviour of the library may be correct anyway. It really depends
on a lot of things, 

Okay, there are other tests where you seem to diff data output with
expected output.

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