Re: [xml] SAX parsing

On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 10:04:20AM +0100, matthias pieroth t-online de wrote:
cbozeman hiwaay net schrieb:
You seem to be confused. The result (res) of
xsltApplyStylesheet is an in 
memory document, i.e it is already parsed. As Daniel
stated previously, all 
you need to do is walk the tree to get the information
you want.

Yes, I know, but isn't this less efficient than using SAX.

  At that point you're exhibiting serious ignorance, sorry for being brutal.
The tree is generated as the result of the stylesheet processing.
There is nothing performance wise to gain to to convert it to an event
flow. Don't start talking about performances of a process when you
obviously don't understand how things work !

And I want to know how I can apply a stylesheet on an xmltree (not a

  Read the API it's trivial. The API to apply a stylesheet is precisely
based on reusing an existing in memory tree.

In the tutorial is only this mentioned:

   the tutorial covers the basic case, please go read the damn documentation
and please stop trying to avoid doing your homework. You will have to read
and learn to use the API, period. Nobody is gonna write the code for you.
Is that clear ? Now read instead of just dumping questions on the channel,
You have exceeded your quota of dumb questions and assertions for the week.


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