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On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 17:55, storein wrote:
Thank you John Fleck ,
  My meaning is that :
     I have to parse many xml files , The DTD files of these xml files are different each other , if I use 
the method of
,then I must write my program for every xml files  base on their DTD files , such as :if I have 8 xml files 
,8 DTD files ,Must I write 8 c programs for these xml files ? Maybe there is good method to parse these xml 
files , this is my question .I wish I can use one c program to parse these xml files base on their DTD 
files .

Whether you do it in one or many c programs is up to you, but there is
no magic shortcut here. To quote from Daniel's documentation

 Once you are used to it, writing this kind of code is quite simple, but
boring. Ultimately, it could be possible to write stubbers taking 
 either C data structure definitions, a set of XML examples or an XML
 DTD and produce the code needed to import and export the content
 between C data and XML storage. This is left as an exercise to the
 reader :-)

John Fleck
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