[xml] Re: gnome-xml: SAX interface to schema validation

On Fri, Feb 14, 2003 at 04:41:08PM +0800, Tim Sneddon, Systems Programmer, BSD, Infomedia Ltd wrote:

  Please use the list, I have Cc'ed it, according to the policy at:

I have been looking into different XML parsers that run on VMS and
decided that gnome-xml looks about the best. However, there is one
problem. The  SAX interface to xmlschemas is on the TODO list.


Is this part of the parser going to be implimented anytime soon? If not
I would like to look at writing this piece of code.

Schemas is huge, hard, (obfuscated?) and ATM I'm focusing on Relax-NG instead
Concerning SAX, I dislike the interface, and suggest people use the new
reader interface. Doing the treaming validation in that environment should
be quite simpler since part of the tree based interfaces can probably be
reused as-is like I did for DTD validation and I expect to do for Relax-NG
in the future.
If I do, end up writing this, is there any code snippets, preliminary
work, design notes, etc. that you would be able to pass on.

  The xmlschemas.c and xmlschemastypes.c sources are basically the
current (incomplete) implementation of XSD for the tree interface.


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