Re: [xml] problems with libxml2 under Windows 98

Greg Hazel wrote:
I've tried to link against libxml2 version 2.6.2 'libxml2.lib' provided by
Igor Zlatkovic, as well as the self-compiled lib from source (Zlatkovic
specifically warns against using his binaries on Win95/98/ME). In both

Not against using it. Mine is just that statement that I don't use or have those Windows incarnations. This just means untested, unsupported, don't be surprised if things go wrong.

cases, my problem is the dll I'm making (which relies on libxml2) is not
loaded under Win98 (presumably 95/ME as well) when it works fine on
Win2k/XP/2k3 (linked statically or dynamically). If I remove the libxml2
dependency (comment out all uses of it so the compiler drops the lib) then
my dll loads fine in all versions of Windows.
Is this some OS check or OS dependant feature that libxml2 is using? I swear
I've seen libxml2 run on Win98 in the past.

Can it be that your Win98 is missing some required library? Iconv? Zlib?


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