Re: [xml] Couldn't find xmlGenericErrorContext in libxml2.dll

Simon Dassow <janus area319 de> writes:

The build environment is a win2k box with windows xp ddk sp1 and as i
already told i can compile all components.

Does it work if you disable thread support in libxml?

threading is disabled.
But i've seen that i used the wrong perl version :/
Now i'm using the correct one and i get many other errors.
Maybe i should forget about that since i'm trying to get it working for
over a week now.
The other solution would be to force the other developers to use a newer
perl version (which would be good :)).

If anyone has XML::LibXML for perl 5.005_03 respectively activestate
perl 522 i'm really interessted in the module/binaries or a way to
compile it.

Nethertheless thanks for the reply.
Best regards,

Hm, your perl version is quite ancient. XML::LibXML binaries for newer
ActiveState perl versions can be found on Randy Kobes' PPM
repositories, see They work fine.

-- Petr

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