[xml] Couldn't find xmlGenericErrorContext in libxml2.dll

Hi List,
i'm trying to build the XML::LibXML module for perl on windows.
I've compiled zlib, iconv and libxml2 by myself... even XML::LibXML
compiles, but when i do `make test' i'm getting the error that
DynaLoader cannot find the function `xmlGenericErrorContext' in
So i searched throught the web, searched in the source but i can't find
the reason.
Maybe someone of you know what's wrong.
I tried three version of libxml, libxml2-2.4.30, libxml2-2.5.11 and
libxml2-2.6.2. The first two versions are compiling correctly, only the
2.6.2 doesn't work, but i don't care because i simply need libxml2 and
no version-specific features or so.
So the version i will try to work with is 2.5.11, perhaps someone
already experienced the same problems and can give me a hint where i
have to look.

The build environment is a win2k box with windows xp ddk sp1 and as i
already told i can compile all components.


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