[xml] New to list


I'm new to this list and also to XML. In my new job I will have to deal with XML and Schemas. I received several schema files and created a small testdoc that I'd like validate against the schema.

Yesterday I downloaded and compiled libxml 2.5.9 on my Mac. Can someone please tell me how to validate my testdoc? I tried:

xmllint --validate --noout testdoc.xml
but this seems to validate against a (missing) DTD so that's wrong I think.

xmllint --schema xsd/documents.xms --noout testdoc.xml
This produces several errors like:
> Unimplemented block at xmlschemas.c:3069
> Unimplemented block at xmlschemas.c:3069
> compilation error: file xsd/document.xsd line 115 element xs:element
> Schemas: element anonelem14 ref to Date not found
and then many messages like the last 2 lines.

Is this my fault? What am I doing wrong?

TIA to any usefull hints,

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