[xml] Re: Refactoring of the SAX interface for namespace support.

Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com>:

The Java SAX has been extended to handle namespace. I did look at
the new API provided by expat :

It isn't all that new, is it?  I looked at it in 2001, and at the time
I was using an old version of expat (ie. while it was still maintained
by James Clark, and not the sourceforge version).

"Constructs a new parser that has namespace processing in
effect. Namespace expanded element names and attribute names are
returned as a concatenation of the namespace URI, sep, and the local
part of the name. This means that you should pick a character for
sep that can't be part of a legal URI."

  I really don't think this is an appropriate API for libxml2, it looses
the prefix values,

FWIW losing the prefix values was the exact reason I couldn't use
expat's built-in namespace support.

I ended up writing my own namespace handling on top of expat.

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