Re: [xml] Building libxml2 as a DLL under MinGW MSYS

Hi there,

I would now do my part in this, which means the following:

* Introduce a second compilation run for the Windows/MSVC platform. This
would produce two sets of object files, which would be used to produce the
dynamic and the static library respectively. The whole thing does not affect
any other platform. The result is the same, except that the compilation
lasts longer, which is not a problem because it still needs about half the
time it needs on Unix. This would also bring us slightly more freedom and
less linker warnings in certain static link combinations, as observed in
xmlsec. Finally, there was a suggestion about introducing that LIBXML_EXPORT
macro in every public function declaration. In the unlikely case of
acceptance, the makefile would not stand in the way anymore.

* Separate the winsock error codes from win32config.h in their own file and
#include that file in win32config.h. This would equally not affect any other
platform. That step would change nothing now, but would allow for avoiding
duplicate information incase the native and the cross-compiler mingw would
do their configuration through the GNU autoconf.

The double compilation run I have tested on xmlsec and it works fine. Note
that I plan to do this on both libxml and libxslt.

Any objections, suggestions, cries, cheers?


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