Re: [xml] Building libxml2 as a DLL under MinGW MSYS


  Hard to argue against that !

I can hold against almost everything :-) During the long hours of religious
dispute with my mother and her saints, I have developed the ability to
produce a reliable contrary to any claim. I could perhaps make their High
Priest doubt his faith. :-) :-)

There is no argue in this case, because there are no opponents. We have many
different preferences and not one reason why they should exclude each other.
We just need a solution that works for everyone.

  The problem is: nobody is able to regression tests all the various
configurations for breakages in the changes. Not me, not Igor, nobody
actually can check for all Windows different versions and build

Fully true, that is the reason why noone can produce a solution alone.

  The solution: apply the Linux/Opensource way, people should try the
CVS version on a regular basis, Igor should not hesitate to break the
Windows build to test them. Release early, release often, and make
sure the user's feedback loop is tight. I'm afraid if we can't get
this rolling then a more static Windows build environment will be
the consequence.

   Makes sense ?

It does. I shall not hesitate to temporarily break the Windows build in
order to test and possibly offer corrections for whatever broke it. The only
thing I have a problem with is commiting code which obviously breaks the
build permanently. However, if that code helps others, I should not deny it
by default, but rather look for an alternative together with the creator. I
must give you right there.


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