Re: [xml] Building libxml2 as a DLL under MinGW MSYS

Elisabeth Barham wrote:
In my case, I would like to build the DLL on my linux box and test it
with wine. I much prefer a unix'y environment and since mingw has been
ported to Debian/Linux it seems that integrating configure with mingw
would be a boon, not only for me but also for others that care to use
a similar development platform, including MSYS.

jhheider wrote:
Or if have to sit in front of a Win2000 box 8 hours a day, but
do your best to use GNU tools to relieve the misery. It'd be
nice to be able to download the latest libxml source and
'./configure; make' just like anyone running a Real
Operating System (*sigh*).

Okay, okay, I understand you guys, I really do. I am not performing any
critics on your preferences, quite the contrary, I would love to help you if
I could. The only thing I am asking is not to break things that work.
Numerous people are using these things in one way or another.

Libxml is a living example of cross-platform software. It is hard to name
another piece which supports so many platforms. A newly introduced platform
support has never broken an existing one so far, and I know you'll give me
right when I ask that not to happen now. I am not your enemy, I am on your
side. I prefer Unix myself, Gods, weeks have passed since I used Windows for
anything beyond typing these words and compiling libxml.

Okay, lets see... is there a way to differ your two environments at compile
time? Lets see your 'gcc -dumpspecs'. There must be a sane way to solve


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