Re: [xml] libxml port to the PocketPC


I just wanted to let you know that I have ported libxml to the PocketPC
(or  Windows CE if you like). I have tested it to work under PocketPC 2002
as  well. It required some code changes due mainly to file handling

Nice, just post those changes so they can be inspected and verified not to
break things on other platforms.

The development environment I used is "Microsoft Embedded Visual
Tools"  which require a separate and different project file from typical
Visual  Studio (5.0/6.0/.NET).

I see no reason why not make a subdirectory in win32 and place the project
files there. If you haven't placed them in such location allready, please do
so, so the source references in each project file point to the right place.
Once that fits, post the project files.


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