[xml] xmlParseMemory returns 0

Hi all,
  I have compiled libxml2 (2.4.24) under Windows, and am successfully
parsing all my stuff, with one exception -- xmlParseMemory always returns
null when the content of a tag ends in "??".  I checked it with xmllint, and
it didn't complain...
  Is there something I've forgotten to do?  This just seems a little strange
to me.


The following code sums it up:

const char * input = \
      "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
  <BADTAG>Is this considered invalid XML ??</BADTAG>";

void main ()
  xmlDocPtr doc;
  int size = strlen(input);
  printf("size: %d\n", size);

  doc = xmlParseMemory(input, size);
  printf("doc: %p\n", doc);

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