Re: [xml] who can tell me, why don't we use the xerces to parse the xml?

Just a small warning to the innocent:

The original message came from, one of the famous chinese sources
of spam. They allready have me in their lists, so I have nothing to loose.
The rest of you should be very careful when replying directly to the sender.
Always reply to the mailing list and only to the mailing list.

The sender may well be a novice, confused in the digital world and in a need
of some guidance. The sender may also very well be a malicious
email-address-collector, who intentionally plays stupid and chooses a topic
which is likely to produce a lot of responses, even a flame war. Those who
simply hit "Reply to all" will have their addresses stored and marked

Don't feed the trolls. They always keep coming back for more.


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