Re: [xml] Segfaults when using xmlBufferDump under WIN32


This usually happens when you use the wrong runtime. Libxml uses msvcrt, at least when compiled by the win32/Makefile.*

You must use the /MD switch when you compile the program. If you don't, your program will use a different runtime and will crash when libxml's runtime tries to access 'stdout' from your program's runtime.


Keith Isdale wrote:
Hi all,

This is realy wierd problem. I came accross this problem some months ago but then it went away with the next release/or when I built libxml myself. I've attatched the simplist example that displays this problem. I'm using MSVC 6.0 and did a rebuild of libxml myself, but this did not resolve the segfault. Basicaly the segfault accurs when the data is written to file - with fwrite. But I have tested the fwrite function, and no surprise it works OK; and occurs when occurs in a plain "C" source file. Similar code was present for the xsldbg-3.1.0 binary built by Igor which does not have this problem.

Suggestions? Does this occur for anyone else ? Help would be appreciated as I'm trying to do another WiN32 binary release for qxsldbg..

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