RE: [xml] python bindings on windows

could both of you try
it and give feedback ?

I tried it both from a CVS checkout and 
from libxml2-python-2.4.28.tar.gz.

It builds fine, except for 2 missing exports
in libxslt.def.src:
- xsltResolveStylesheetAttributeSet
- xsltSaveResultToString

Also, I noticed that the test crashed
because of the MERGED_MODULE mode (I don't understand
exactly why, though). In any case it is not
be necessary on windows. Attached is the patch to that fixes that.
The same patch also replaces '../../_bin' with '@prefix@'
and adds libexslt to the link libraries.

Next, we need to change to bypass
the 'dl' magic on windows. I'd suggest inserting
something like this: 

if not hasattr(sys,'getdlopenflags'):
    import libxml2mod
    import libxsltmod
    import libxml2

at the beginning of the file.

Finally, there are still memory leaks in the tests,
but I'm not sure how to diagnose those. Any hint?
Memory leak 8 bytes
Memory leak 8 bytes
Memory leak 4 bytes


Description: Binary data

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