[xml] Re: [gnomemm] ANNOUNCE: libxml++ is now sane.

libxml++ was a mess in the past but it has been overhauled recently. The
new 0.16.0 release is now organised and usable. I invite you to try it 
and help us to improve it by submitting patches (to the sourceforge
patch manager).

if you're going to try to improve it, i would pass on one
recommendation. this API:

const Node * add_child (const std::string &name) 
      Node * add_child (Node *node) 

has caused dozens of stupid bugs in my code, because it doesn't make
it clear whether the added child is copied or not (its not).

ardour has had its own copy of libxml++ for some time, and we have
been unable to get the author to accept any of our patches. we changed
the API to:

  XMLNode *add_child(const string &);
  XMLNode *add_child_copy(const XMLNode&);
  void     add_child_nocopy (XMLNode&);


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