Re: [xml] python bindings on windows

Hi Stéphane,

1. Add a few missing exports to libxml2.def.src:
[...] and libxslt.def.src
> [...]

This is okay, I'll apply it.

2. #include "config.h" does not work on Windows.

It's libxml file. Autogenerated, nonexistent on Windows. We must either modify win32config.h to offer all Python needs, or generate a config.h at compile time (and thus obsolete the win32config.h). Both options are equally possible.

3. To build using the MERGED_MODULES option, I had to copy
[...] 4. Finally, I applied minor changes to to use [...] I tried to preserve the unix behaviour, and I can post
my changes if someone is interested.

You will have to :-) If these changes break nothing, I see no reason why the shouldn't be applied.

Now, the packaging question.

I would like to use the nice python distutils feature
that creates a windows installer to make a binary distribution
containing both the python bindings and the libxml and libxslt
dlls. The question is where to install the dlls?

Now that's the question, isn't it? :-)

Putting them in %SYSTEMROOT%\system32 would probably create
[...] If there is some interest for such an approach, I can post the installer somewhere, so you can give it a try.
What I would like to do also is discuss wether it
is worthwhile putting such a change in the main CVS,
or if I should maintain this way of packaging

All that is now beyond my realm, for I don't use Python and know close to nothing about it.

About the installation, in the case of binaries, a batch file does it, because all of it is just a file copy. No special registration needed. If you prefer a full-featured installer, go ahead, but try to make it usable on as many Windows incarnations as possible.

I would in any case be interested in building the Python bindings through the libxml build system for Windows, as described in win32/Readme.txt.


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