Re: [xml] encoding tutorial draft

On Sun, Nov 03, 2002 at 05:25:30PM -0700, John Fleck wrote:
Folks -

With help from Marcus Labib Iskander, I've put together a tutorial
example showing in brief how to do encoding conversion.

I've posted a draft here (nothing's checked in yet until I'm sure I'm
doing this right):

  looking at it quickly this looks okay. point 3 and 4 should probably
be separated more clearly, 4 doesn't depends on 1,2,3 steps.

Feedback encouraged. Among other things, I've not explained (because I
don't understand) the role of iconv in all this magic, and I've not
given a definitive list of the encodings supported.

  without iconv support libxml2 has native support only for the UTF8,
UTF16 and ISO-8859-1 encodings. If it has been compiled with iconv
it will use it to support all the set available from the iconv library
(which itself is dependant on the iconv implementation).


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