Re: [xml] Performance patches for 2.4.22

On Wed, 29 May 2002, Daniel Veillard wrote:

  With the patch:

paphio:~/XML -> xmllint --timing --repeat --noout ~/XML/doc/libxml2-api.xml 
100 iterations took 8994 ms

paphio:~/XML -> xmllint --timing --repeat --noout ~/XSLT/tests/XSLTMark/db1000.xml 
100 iterations took 3878 ms

approximately a 6% and 9% improvement on this platform and for those tests,

For larger tests there is now also gnome-user-docs/gnome2-user-guide/C -
userguide.xml includes via entities almost all the other xml files in
there, and the w-starting files include parts of various sizes. 

    thanks !


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