Re: [xml] Validating a Document using the Sax Interface??

On Thu, 2002-05-09 at 15:36, OrangeCrush wrote:

Hello All,

Is there a way to validate xml documet using the SAX interface??  A DTD might be present in the document 
itself or outside in a file.  I tried setting the xmlDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue to 1 but that did not 
work.  I have used the DOM model and the xmlValidateDocument function to validate a document in the past.  
Is there a similar function for SAX model?  It seems like most of the validating functions take a xmlDocPtr 
as an argument but the only way to get the xmlDocPtr is to build a DOM tree.  Is this correct? Any help 
would be greatly appreciated.


I think the answer is that you can't:

"... not a validating parser, so only structural errors will be picked
up. So any validation of the format will have to be done by your parser


John Fleck
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