RE: [xml] Release of libxml2-2.4.21

I have one more crazy idea: write a small parser on Perl to 
get out the
functions with all #define, #ifdef, etc. directly from 
sources. I need 
to think
about this for a couple days. The only problem I have now is 
how to extract
exported variables.

That's good. This is the only solution, I share the opinion. Just, such
parser is not so trivial so you can code it down in two hours, you'll
need a day or two fulltime. There are few things which have been
successfully preventing me to do it so far: 
- lack of Perl and Python
- lack of time
- sunny weekends
- another party
- ... :-)
Now, Perl and Python I have now. I can however not do a thing against
the other blockades :-) :-)

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