RE: [xml] Release of libxml2-2.4.21

  Just to remind that I'm agnostic on any solution in that space, as
long as Windows client code using libxml stay the same as 
Unix-like client
code, that Igor is the one deciding in the end even if 
Aleksey now also 
has commit right status on the libxml2 code base so it would 
be really better
if both agreed :-)

Don't worry, we are not having a dispute, we agree on everything. We
just chat and explore possibilities, as just to make some traffic on the
list and annoy the poor french folk, who cannot do any useful work being
permanently interrupted by our chatter we should better do on IRC :-)

Hm... I think I should now pour another cup of my favourite caffeinated
beverage and  prevent my boss from rightfully claiming I had too much
time :-)


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