Re: [xml] Schemas handling as different lib

Hm.. In the same way you can argue that DTD (or XPath, etc.) is also should be a separate library :) In my case schemas support is a required functionality (as well as XSLT) and I prefer to deal with one library instead of two. In the
perfect world I would like to combine LibXML and LibXSLT into one library
but I know that the world I live in is far not perfect :)
And I also have to note that (IMHO) schemas validation is more close to xml\
parser than XPath or XInclude support.


Lev Serebryakov wrote:

Hello, Aleksey!
Wednesday, May 01, 2002, 1:05:58 PM, you wrote:

AS> Well, if you do not need you can always disable it (./configure AS> --without-schema).
 I know. And What I need to do, if I have two piece of software on my
 system -- with XSchema and without it?

 I repeat, it seems, that XScheam is DIFFERENT piece of software (not
 a XML parser) -- like XSLT. XSLT have different library, and I could
 choose -- use it or not, and I could have different chooses for
 different programs in one system.

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